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Rocky Relationships Plague RHOA Stars Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore
Baby Fever Brings Trouble After Paradise for the "Real Housewives of Atlanta"
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Fresh from their vacay in Anguilla, baby fever has blossomed in “Hot-lanta.” But it seems that all the baby-making can't save the relationships of a few “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

With the recent announcement of Phaedra Parks' brand new baby bump making headlines, it comes as no surprise that all the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” ladies seemed to have baby fever in the latest episode. But all the procreation talk seemed to spell relationship troubles for some couples.

NeNe Leakes notes that time's running out on Kenya's biological clock, but Walter has no intention of putting a bun in her oven before the buzzer. After an intense talk of Walter's failure to put a ring on her finger in Anguilla, Kenya seems ready to throw him off her island. Instead of tossing him aside right then, Kenya invites Walter to Cynthia's liquor promo party at Peter's Bar One - where he proceeds to ignore her to spend time with the RHOA men.

Given that Walter's already spreading rumors about their ugly breakup, it remains to be seen how many more episodes we'll need to suffer Kenya's endless begging for a walk down the aisle.

Kandi may be exchanging wedding vows and making babies in the near future, too… if she can keep the ladies from applying too much proposal pressure to her new man, Todd. Phaedra brings her pastor to bless Kandi's new house, but turns the occasion into a pitch for wedded bliss. Unfortunately, Phaedra winds up airing more of her own dirty laundry in her marriage to Apollo than she does convincing Kandi and Todd to tie the knot.

And Phaedra may have reason to worry about her relationship - at least according to the bloggers spreading divorce rumors. When Peter reveals the divorce gossip to Cynthia, she offers a revelation of her own - Apollo's a frequent patron of local strip clubs. How secure can their marriage be if Apollo would rather flirt with Kenya or get lap dances from naked ladies.

Cynthia and Peter's discussion on the state of Phaedra and Apollo's marriage shifts gears when Peter reveals he's not shy about going to strip clubs either. Cynthia adopts a “if you can't stop 'em, join 'em” philosophy and arranges a couples' date for herself, Peter, Phaedra and Apollo at a local strip club that's hope to the oldest, unshapeliest strippers in Atlanta.

Horror at the naked, saggy flesh quickly turns to humor as the foursome have fun throwing dollars at the hard-working dancers, but it seems Apollo's been bitten by the “oversharing bug” too. While Phaedra rolls her eyes, Apollo waxes wise about the passage of time and the loss of individuality that comes with marriage.

Is Phaedra and Apollo's “sacred” marriage in trouble? Only time will tell if this new bundle of joy they're expecting is the product of a happy marriage or a last-ditch effort to save their relationship.
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