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Teen Talk: Saying No to Sex... Once You've Already Said Yes

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Every virgin faces the big “will you, won't you” sex question at some point, but once you've taken the plunge (later, rather than sooner, girls!), does that question go away?


Contrary to the male urban legend, agreeing to have sex with a guy once doesn't mean you have to have it every time you see him. In fact, telling him you want to wait before your second time is a good way to gauge whether he's into you or just wants into your body.

Any good guy should be more interested in getting into your heart than getting into your pants. If he tries to make having sex a deal breaker, you're better off without him.

Then there's those times where you've already said yes in the heat of the moment (or in the face of a lot of guy pressure), but you come to your senses and realize what you're doing before he's…done. Is it still okay to say no when you're in the middle of yes?


He could stop if his best friend walked in on you, he could stop if you heard your parents coming home, so he can stop when you ask him to. Your body is yours and you can deny access at any time. No matter how mad he gets, if you're no longer into it, you can end it.

Bottom line, girls? You are never obligated to have sex with your guy, even if you've had sex with him before. And you aren't required to let him finish, even if you've already started.

Saying no is always okay.
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